Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Who watched the program on Jimmy Saville? Panorama I think it was.  Basically it was saying that Jimmy Saville is a paedophile, or rather was, that there was a paedophile network at the BBC and that there was a cover up.    The good and great explained why they hadn’t done anything in much the same way Murdoch and his crones, Diamond and his, and it was the police force as well wasn’t it, in fact all the ‘establishments’ had explained away their greed, avarice, sloth by saying the system was to blame.   Mmm, I still think the individuals have a lot to do with it.    The BBC bods all looked slightly bewildered about their judgement being questioned as though they were being asked something that was beneath them by someone who was beneath them. Strangely, Murdoch and Diamond also possessed a demeanour which would not have looked out of place on someone who considered themselves God-like.   I do not trust establishment, nor do I trust systems which allow such ego inflated arseholes to take control and manipulate peoples’ lives in the way they do. But it is ultimately the individuals who make the decision to be corrupt, greedy, arrogant, evil.   The law allows them to behave the way in which they do, the system allows them to behave in the way they do, that doesn't mean they are any less corrupt or evil for choosing to behave the way they do.  They deserve to be broken as much as the system which allows them to thrive.   Perhaps they will go the same way as Maxwell.  I for one, personally hope so.  


What is the Jimmy Saville news replacing?   I know that sounds a really odd thing to say, and God knows, I'm not saying this case is not of national importance, but what is it that the 'establishment' doesn't want us to look at?  Perhaps that's just me being cynical about news, but when the 'establishment' seemingly bashes the 'establishment' I always get a feeling that it's all a big game where nothing in the end gets achieved, a lot of public money is wasted, systems and individuals are ridiculed but neither are broken or changed.   The individuals lose credibility (in the eyes of the public not of their peers unless they nicked money from them of course) but go away with a big payout and everything goes back to normal, whatever that is.  So what's this non news replacing eh?  


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

no news is good news.

Ive decided not to watch the news. This may be a bad thing as I write about issues that should be of interest to a % of the masses but I'm not sure people are interested in what the media offers at the moment. It's negative, consistently negative and that's not just a perspective.   There's a newspaper coming out which only has good news in it I'm told.  We already have one, think it's called The Bible.  As for me no news is good news.