Sunday, 29 November 2015


Focused on strengthening the 'self' today in yoga.   Rising above the ego - which feeds on fear and need (greed).    I do not read the papers but listening to the radio and the fear being nurtured and heard int the voices of those speaking and being spoken to on LBC, is interesting. The media stokes fear rather than trying to clarify the story and at the moment, they should drop the need to sell and advertise and focus on the bare facts because you don't need to dress it up in any way.   No background music, no actor doing the voice over.  No tight edit.   And those in charge are the most fearful of the lot.    History repeats itself - I think every 80 years its been proven to - and we're set for a 1930s repeat which of course then ended up in WW1.   Controversial to say, but those who are best prepared for what is about to happen (on a material level) are least worthy of survival.  

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


I lost my voice two weeks ago.  There's a bug going round and I heard even David Cameron croak through a talk to a group of City suits I think earlier this week, may be last.   Any way, he was croaking. As I teach yoga and present radio, its not a good idea to lose the voice. Sounding like the vamp in Carry on Screaming is one thing. Sounding like a squeaky mini mouse is not so cool.  I managed to do both week before last and ended up talking in whispers.  Thank goodness for the technology of microphones.

Where was I when I heard about Paris?  Working late.   I was recently asked to talk about where to go for Christmas. It has been an extraordinary year for travel, as in safety has over taken sunshine as the number one priority for travellers.  Or British travellers.   Shootings on the beach in Tunisia, bombings in Paris restaurants and flight blown up from Sharm.   I have never known a year like it.  Even when 9/11 happened it quietened the Americans coming to the UK, but the Brits travelled everywhere.  This is closer to home.  Next year the choice is Italy and Australia and China.  They seem to be the places people feel are safe….

Thursday, 5 November 2015


World Travel Market, Family Travel Market and Luxury Travel Market.  I have lost my voice. This wouldn't normally be a problem any other year as I'm not sure if people listen to me anyway sometimes. But I teach yoga and I co present a radio show so its a bit of a nuisance when the voice varies from Mariella Frostrop gravel to Minnie Mouse squeak within a few seconds.  I ended up whispering down the microphone this evening.   Never know, I may get some dates.

No one would talk about the elephant in the room at WTM.  Security. True they had 'talks; about it, but on the stands they went on business as usual as though this had been just like any other year.  Well, barring 9/11, I've never seen a year like this in travel.  

I'm heading to Luxury ™ and may pop into Spirit of Christmas although I have no spirit of Christmas at the moment. I'm still enjoying the fireworks.   I've looked at my blogs for this year.   It will be under forty written, unless I have a spurt in December.  This is a good sign.