Monday, 22 February 2016


I vote out of Europe. Not because of Boris Johnson. In fact, the more business people who comment that it would be bad for UK business to leave the EU, the more I realise it is in their interest and that they have been taking advantage of the benefits and not passing them onto the customer.    I don't think they are on 'our side'.  They are on their side.  That may, very occasionally, be the same as 'our side', but it is only by accident.  But not on staying in the EU.

Not that I have anything against Europe. I love it.   Its wonderful. And I love living in France. I love the food, the French, the weather, even when it rains, and the parking.  There are no parking attendants where I live in France, there are parking spaces and there are no road works.    I don't even care about the adders in the back garden and the slow tractors because there are supposed to be tractors in the countryside.  We are the ones who are foreign.  And as for the adders - better the venomous snakes that slither than those you meet on the streets of SW London.   And there are no traffic jams in France where I live.  I mention traffic jams because this morning it was horrible in Richmond.

 I took a journey today that takes less than 10 minutes normally.  It took me ten minutes to get out of my street.   It took just under an hour to drive half a mile.    Gridlocked by gasworks and mummy mafia driving four wheel drives painfully slow, extension building builders double parking vans, with builders  working overtime (bonking blisteringly bored kept wives), and smug cyclists dodging doors opening at any opportunity of huffing and puffing businessmen trying to look powerful, I've got fed up of Richmond.   If there is road rage over the next few days, the local council should be considered culpable.   They are guilty of poor planning, for not banning four wheel drives in a town that doesn't need four wheel drives, and for allowing bankers to take over homes where creative types once lived, and adding extensions to their homes to make them into the homogenous colourless characterless places that mirror their own homogenous colourless characterless personalities.    Richmond Upon Thames is becoming incredibly beige and boring and it had magic twelve years ago.   Even the planes are starting to bug me now.

Friday, 19 February 2016

ITS SPRING - yoga, writing and getting screwed.

Its almost the end of the February and this is the second blog of the year I think.  At this rate I'll be doing one a month, which is really what people should be doing.   They should be living and occasionally writing about it, at a push getting it published, and then into a film, TV series, stage play or APP or all of the above.   And despite the frost it smells of spring.   And I'm on the last module of my psychology degree and writing and yoga-ing.   I haven't been traveling as much as I'd like but then I have a lot to focus on at the moment.   And I'm aiming to go to specific destinations this year, I haven't gone to before.

I'm so enjoying teaching the yoga. Especially the children and the retreats and workshops.   I taught at GSK today and I'm pleased I'm out of the corporate world.  They are lovely people and not starchy in any way, but here I am working with aromatherapy oils looking all hippy walking into a glass bastion of corporate discipline.

I want to see Spotlight although that will make me cross because its about injustice caused by establishment protecting itself  In this case the Catholic Church. I'd like to watch The Big Short, but that will make me cross because its about injustice caused by establishment protecting itself. In this case the Financial Industry.  In both cases they knowingly and willingly screwed the general public - one literally    And they both knowingly and willingly got a way with it.     And are still getting away with it. Is there nobody of any importance who is able to break these systems?  There must be someone at a high level who is prepared to out those who are really to blame, not just the patsies who have been put out as guilty parties.  Or is everyone at a high level, been so corrupt in getting to the top they realise they are just as guilty as those they will out?    The real guilty ones should go down for good.  Don't let them have time to find God or any other get out of jail clause. These types never find God.   No wonder we have a spate of superhero movies.  Batman would know what to do.

Oh, and i'm going to vote out of the EU, simply because every time I hear some one from the 'establishment' say they want to stay in, I just feel they are knowingly and willingly screwing us again.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.