Thursday, 5 November 2015


World Travel Market, Family Travel Market and Luxury Travel Market.  I have lost my voice. This wouldn't normally be a problem any other year as I'm not sure if people listen to me anyway sometimes. But I teach yoga and I co present a radio show so its a bit of a nuisance when the voice varies from Mariella Frostrop gravel to Minnie Mouse squeak within a few seconds.  I ended up whispering down the microphone this evening.   Never know, I may get some dates.

No one would talk about the elephant in the room at WTM.  Security. True they had 'talks; about it, but on the stands they went on business as usual as though this had been just like any other year.  Well, barring 9/11, I've never seen a year like this in travel.  

I'm heading to Luxury ™ and may pop into Spirit of Christmas although I have no spirit of Christmas at the moment. I'm still enjoying the fireworks.   I've looked at my blogs for this year.   It will be under forty written, unless I have a spurt in December.  This is a good sign.  

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