Thursday, 7 October 2010


Well, I arrived care of Easyjet, not after missing the flight, by missing my turning on the M25 and then being held up by a car crash, albeit on the other side of the road, but everyone has to stare don't they, just in case there's any blood.    Got to the airport, booked car hire at extortionate rate, got on plane, full of exchange students preparing to practice their French on the locals.  No chance.  Drove to the house to see what the damage was.     Thank fully a good friend had tidied it but the gaps where the TV was, the hifi, the wii and all the things that I was told were missing, were gone.   And also a block of kitchen knives which was worrying but as soon as I told everyone that, they immediately said 'kids'.     Some ornaments have been broken, some sign of break in and now it's in the hands of the local gendarmes.  But as I stood in the courtyard and stared out the windows of the main house overlooking the valley I still felt how much I love this place.   For those of you who don't have the burden/blessing of something like this, it's like having a wonderful lover who when you are with them, you love every moment of their company, and when you are not, you wonder what the hell you are doing with them.    I slept in Tom's room amongst his toys.    

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