Sunday, 26 June 2011


Wow, I've had a cool few days. On Friday I attended an event at Syon House where you could sit in and walk around very expensive classic cars. My dear friend Laura, brought five of her German Spitz dogs and they got more attention than the cars did. (they are like miniature huskies. I don't like small dogs but I like these). Everyone wanted to stroke them and ask what they were. Forget, this is the way to meet a man ladies. It rained making the huge hats the ladies wore look ridiculous. I just cuddled the dogs.

Then went to the Killers concert at Hyde Park on Friday evening which was wonderful. Poured with rain of course, but there were lots of wrinklies there, so I didn't feel alone. And everyone knew the lyrics (so did I to some of the tracks).

Saturday morning, went to the Ministry of Sound to learn to be a DJ. It is in E1. Most edgy. The Ministry is so cool, just touch the walls and you feel how cool it is. The DJs oozed cool. I desperately hoped some of the cool would rub off. At the beginning I admit, I was terribly uncool and kept jumping up and down, grinning a lot and clapping, but I quickly got the hang of just tapping my feet to the beat..looking earnest and stopped the grinning and clapping and jumping up and down. We all learnt to DJ on CD and vinyl (the DJs all got very misty eyed about vinyl) and did a 'groupoff' where we competed on our DJ skills. This was utterly brilliant. We had to choose DJ names. Tom chose 'cold turkey' which won an award, I chose Smokey Popham which didn't. Tom now wants to be a DJ as well as an actor and a vet, and thinks his mum is cool just for taking him.

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