Friday, 28 October 2011


So a law that was passed three hundred years ago is to be changed. Law of succession can go to the first daughter as well as to the first born son. I think that is a good idea. The women have done a far better job of ruling our country than the men have. I wish more out moded laws that make no sense a part from the collection of revenue and wasting of time could be changed. But hey, times (sort of) change and what was relevant to the sexism of then isn't relevant to the sexism of today. Queen Elizabeth has made a far better, stronger monarch, than her father or her uncle ever could - both weak pathetic selfish little men. Just a pity that this law starts with William and not with the present monarch. Anne would make a far better Queen than Charles would a king. And, oh, by the way, another law that is changing will allow would be Kings and Queens to marry Roman Catholics, of which the devout Camilla so happens to be. What with Tony Blair turning Catholic we'll have Prince Charles at it next. Bless their little sanctimonious hypocritical hearts. I have only met Prince Charles a few times. He is a very small man. Diana made him look smaller in every way but even without her, he remain a very small man. In 'that' interview she said Charles would never be king. I do hope she's right.

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