Tuesday, 17 February 2015


This morning I got a parking ticket on my car, in my street, while the engine was running and the windscreen wipers were on. It was frosty and the screen was thawing and some arsehole on a scooter (learner) put it on there.  I am contesting it and won't pay it. Not under any circumstances.    Going to write about it for the magazine as well.    I teach yoga but I did not and do not feel very zen today.   I keep thinking of that scene in the film 'The Counsellor' and how Brad Pitt dies.  If only I could get my hand on one of those things.  

Yoga was wonderful, so I became zen again. I love teaching it and those I teach so that was fine.   Mind you if I see the boy on the bike….

Next Kingsman. The film. Forget the rest.  This is the best.    It is a vicious, very clever take at the Bond franchise.  Everything is exaggerated, well you HOPE its exaggerated.   The Swedish are sluts.   The English are Saville Row tailored stuck up chinless twats with no values, pedigree (inbred), faux compassion and faux friends or Jeremy Kyle, trailer trash, in bred, chavs who beat each other up, steal naff cars and look as though they have .   The Americans are bigoted, narrow minded, racist, anti Catholic, anti Jew (really?) anti anything that isn't American allegedly.  

All those who think they are better than everyone else in the world have their heads blown off (sorry spoiler alert there) and all the baddies die. There is a phenomenal slice (as opposed to dig) at unintentional killer/athlete Pretorius.

There are some shocking scenes and one liners.  A Swedish princess says one of the best.   "Did she really say that?" Yup.   There is a scene in a church which goes on forever which shows you just how devisive and stupid the Bond franchise is. The difference is you KNOW the Bond movies are fake and glamorised.  This movie pushes the boundaries of PC - actually it smashes them to bits, but the clever thing about it is that Kingsman makes you realise how the Bond franchise actually pushes it as well.   And that the bigotry in these films is not too far from the truth.  

So screw the parking attendant. Just written the letter of protest, going to work on the essay thats taken me forever but I will do, and then in a helicopter tomorrow weather permitting.  

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