Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Writing about Australia and have forgotten how stunning the country is - well, in the places I've visited.    My favourite is Adelaide and the surrounding wine region of the Barossa, then Brisbane and Gold Coast and then probably Sydney, although I've seen little of the rest, which I hope to do in the next few years.   I loved Adelaide.  Its as though its taken the best of everything and added something more.   And the Outback is haunting, chill down the spine but in a good way.   Walkabout hinted at the magic but you have to go yourself. There's now loads of glamping opportunities but I went (1997) when there were few and ostrich hadn't yet hit Tesco counters.

Just done report on working mothers and how the media portrays us.   They use guilt rhetoric to make us feel guilty about not spending enough time with our children (it doesn't matter - there is studies both for and against), they create a them and us culture with stay at home mums - that doesn't exist, but for some reason they want to exist; stimulate the anxiety to create a perfect work life balance that they see as a group thing rather than an individual thing (media doesn't think in terms of people being unique, just being demographics), and they create an ideal mother type that also doesn't exist.  The Telegraph talks at you, the Guardian talks to you, the Daily Mail talks about you (like the bitch in the playground), and the Express is just pleased you want to listen to them talking at all.   Didn't look at the Times. They just don't pay on time.

And I got my poll card.    I've recently written about the suffragette movement and how they suffered so women could get the vote.  Its a pity we can't do the same to get better people (and I mean that in every sense) to vote for.    'We' did not choose them.  That is what 'we' were offered.    Its a bit like going into a supermarket and there is only stuff there you don't want and know will either a) kill you b) make you fat c) give you spots.   So with those options you go for b) or c) both all of them are crap.

Milliband looks gormless and his party fucked up.  Blair keeps returning like the plague, puppet and paid by the bankers to bang on about how if we leave the EU our financial sector won't be paid as bigger bonuses as they were used to.  Every time I look at Cameron and Boris I think Riot club and no matter how much Cameron's wife plays happy families and makes them look as though they are one of us, I don't know who are they are, but they are not one of us.   He looks like a smug constipated hamster, although I admit I've never seen one but if I did, it would look like David Cameron.

So I don't know who to vote for. They are all liars or greedy or both.   The good ones never make it to the top (as in they have integrity, values which aren't linked to money, can't be bought, don't have something that the law, church, banks, CEOs or any other head of establishment, can blackmail them with), so we are just left with the social climbers who have used every dirty trick in the book to make it onto our screens to shout vote for me.

I want to vote but I don't want any of the ones on offer.

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