Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I'm sure David Cameron can do all of these things but that does not make him a better person than Jeremy Corbyn.   

I've become interested in politics again thanks to Jeremy Corbyn. Such has the vitriol been poured on him by the media, I want to vote labour.   Its not so much I dislike the Conservatives - I don't know any of them personally and mistrust the 'figures which say we are a wealthy country - because I don't feel wealthy and so if I don't feel wealthy, I don't care what expert says I'm in a wealthy country - its not relevant to me.  End of story.   And as a lot of the 'research' is based on limited guess work under the guise of asking thousands of people (what people, what demographic, do they tell the truth, how do you know they tell the truth…), I also feel this has no relevance.  

The media have focused on the fact he won't wear a red poppy and didn't have his tie on straight.  Does this matter?  People are dying en masse in Syria, children with appalling injuries being shown on TV tonight and the papers are saying Corbyn looks like 'a scruff'.   Its like the Great British Bake Off Baked Alaska-gate last year.  Its nothing. Its a nothing story.   Isn't there a more important story they could put in?  

And the poppy.   They talked on LBC this morning about Corbyn wearing a poppy.    I have a lot of respect for those who fought in the war and those who held fort at home (the women).    Many of my family did and I wear a poppy in November, but that proves nothing. I live near where the poppy factory is, and my son visited it many years ago, but that does not make me a better person than Corbyn because he chooses not to wear one.   

I also believe those who don't have respect for those who did have a right to show it as well. I'm not sure what he is, why he wants to wear a white poppy or a red one or go half and half and wear pink - although then I'm sure the media will say he's gay, or mocking gay, because the guy at the moment is not able to win as far as the media (thats all of them) are concerned.    So my gut feeling is he has integrity, something the establishment in all its guises fears, mistrusts and wants to eradicate because anyone who has integrity makes them look foolish.    

The media under estimate Corbyn and the media believe the masses are stupid. They are not.   The media are part of the same establishment as the Government.    And btw, why is Rebekah Brookes back working again? 

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