Sunday, 19 March 2017


Just written about my friend Gina Miller.   I am intrigued about the response.   Like her, I would like reform and I found it challenging to choose between the self serving bureaucrats in Europe or the self serving bureaucrats in the UK. We can 'fire' the ones in the UK allegedly, although our system seems to churn up a whole task force of the chinless wonders who make it to the top in politics, media, finance, and possibly although not in this case, the law.  Its not that I believe they are lizards or anything, although most of them do have snake like qualities, and they are psychopaths, but they come from a brand of certain boys public school, where sexism and racism and all round bigotry are in the code of conduct, masked behind charisma, manners, a marriage, a couple of children and a job where money has no meaning. In fact, none in that list of properties does.   Their functionality on the surface is an illusion we buy into. They create nothing, merely copy and distort.   But it is odd.  The whole bromance thing has a distinctly horrible tinge when you think of the paedophile rings at high level, and that they each have dirt on each other, so much so that no one will talk.  The dominos will never fall as I thought they would in the last financial crisis.  And if they do, they will make it their last act to take the rest of us with them.   Or try to.  

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  1. Hi Sarah- I am 70, male and really enjoy your book Last Year... I thought my life was unusual so I sure appreciate you insight into the feminine mystique. - fred