Sunday, 25 November 2018


Hermit like I have been busy for the past few months, but this Christmas I am out investigating the must dos. Things and places which are unique to London.  And ideally accessible (free or superb value for what they are - so not always necessarily cheap).  First call, is Dennis Severs House in Folgate Street.
Centred in the soul less land of greed and money, (E1) this place is a 3D novel. £10 and £5 for concessions, it is open all year but at Christmas transforms into a Christmas wake as you walk around is silence.  No phones, no noise, no questions. It is bliss. You touch nothing, question nothing, observe everything.  Even the portraits occasionally tel you to shuussssh.   It is a walking meditation and a credit to those who devised it.  My report is attached later in the blog. I interviewed Joel, who was born to speak on radio.  It takes 45 minutes to walk around the house and discover the story and the truth, whatever you wish it to be, of this place.   There was a similar idea with the Petersham Players at Petersham House many years ago, and it was utterly magical. Walking through each room. This place and idea is special, unique and a must do for Christmas.  It is the soul in this soul less part of town.  @dennissevershouse. book early. All evenings now taken but Sunday afternoon and day time free. A must do for families who want their children to be quiet. And be careful.   And be good.

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