Friday, 17 February 2012


Interesting day yesterday. A roller coaster in a day rather than a year it's turning out to be. I went for a check up to see if the years of blasting my skin to bits in my travels has done me permanent damage. I have a few moles and lots of maturity spots as they call them, but nothing to worry about. But Dr Neil Walker took a look at two marks which I had thought nothing of. "You have skin cancer. these should be treated asap." So I'm having them treated asap and going to write about it. Pale and interesting will be my look from now on. I don't like spray tans. I'm sure they will find out that they at some stage cause cancers too.

To pale and interesting, I took part in the Literary Death Match at Shoreditch House last night. It was packed with the coolest twenty somethings I have seen and I am sure there were thirty somethings and forty somethings but they looked and dressed (and got away with dressing like) twenty somethings. Skinny jeans, VERY skinny people, cravats, hats all over the place, exqusitely underdressed and probably a lot of APP millionaires amongst them. They were a wonderful audience. I was up against three other authors, who were all much more literary and funny than I, but I did my best. I read from the Control Freak Chronicles about a TV development meeting which I now realise is much more true to life than I had thought, although I wrote it as a satire, it seems it's not. Thought I had enough time to recite poem on a midlife crisis (one thing this audience I doubt will ever have) and ran out of time, got knocked by something pink and soft in the head (a ball) and quickly finished off last lines. I got through the first round, so in the second I was up against a great author and journalist Lloyd Shepherd. We did a test, he won, and I came second but he got the medal. IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!!!

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