Sunday, 8 April 2012


OMG. I wish I had thought of that one. Global publicity although admittedly most of it negative, but when Barbara Walters talks about you, you're on This Morning, Daybreak and the Sunday Times does an intellectual analysis of your comment, wow you've made it. Bet she's got a book out soon! Of course, it's all so silly. It's in the Daily Mail for goodness sake a paper that knows how to stimulate publicity better than well, anyone else I know (well, perhaps barring Max Clifford and Posh Spice). And she lives in France, in the Dordogne, several hours from my place, of course where she'll be completely safe because everyone in France thinks they are beautiful, they just don't say it. Ditto super models, ditto diva film stars (well done day they do and the next they don't and the next day they do..) but it's a bit like telling someone you're sexy. Someone tells you you're sexy but you dont' tell them you're sexy. People even baulk at you if they say you are attractive and you agree with them. You can't even do that. Total vulnerability, self deprecation, totally unassuming bewilderment at the attention you are getting is the way forward. If men like you, it's because you are witty and charming and have interesting banter and smell wonderful. Yup. And if women like you it's because you are witty and charming and have interesting banter... yup. Truth is, it's not. But there is such wonderful hypocrisy about this argument the DM should be rubbing their hands with glee. Do women hate women because they are beautiful? Nope. I watch America's Top Model because it's my popcorn of TV. Completely mindless but I enjoy it. But I also watch because I admire those stunning women who are put up in front of the most bizarre looking people (even Nigel Barker) and pulled to pieces for not smizing enough and looking broken enough. If they are not broken enough at the beginning they are at the end. I don't think women dislike women who are beautiful, they may distrust them, think they have it too easy, feel they focus too much on their looks than their work (any woman who has immaculate nails, hair, a bit too polished I usually think is either a tad anal, uptight, self absorbed or calculating. But that's more to do with the polish rather than the natural beauty or as Keats would put it the 'truth' of beauty. Someone who is naturally stunning without needing to do anything to herself, I think is lovely. Any way, I don't think it's beauty that is in the eye of the beholder, I think it's prettiness that is. Beauty, true beauty is apparent to everyone. I don't think women dislike you for being beautiful Samantha. Think it's more to do with lack of empathy. And the fact they just don't like you.

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