Sunday, 8 April 2012


There's an article in the Sunday Times magazine about women not being able to talk about wanking. Not doing it, just talking about it. That it's a taboo. If the article is to be believed, we (the Sunday Times readers) feel if we do, we offend our partner because we make them feel irrelevant, unnecessary and potentially impotent. Mmm. I don't usually read the magazine so perhaps I'm not their audience but what is the point of talking about it? Much more fun doing it than talking about it. Unless of course it's phone sex. And we analyze everything so much. Analyzing it too much, just like analyzing anything too much, takes something away from it. Men would like women to talk about it. They fantisize about women talking about it to each other, the little dears. They get off on it. And if the DIY orgasm is more powerful than the partner variety, wouldn't it be a good thing for the men to know that? Perhaps they'd try harder. I know - why not do it in front of them, win win situation. They learn and they get turned on and they don't have to do anything. Always tell them you are thinking about them at the time, especially if you have your eyes closed. Whatever turns you on, make them think it's them, even if it's not. Unless they get turned on by you not thinking about them.. Of course, it works both ways. I don't know a man who couldn't think of that as anything but ideal. All the benefit none of the work. And the article mentions a website called

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