Friday, 29 June 2012


I went to Wimbledon today and watched some great matches over a grey sky with occasional high lights of blue.     I decided I didn't like Sharapova.   She won in two sets and although she's a great tennis player, it became very clear to those watching she's a bad sport. I'm sure in other countries all this psychological game play is fine but it's just not tennis in England. (perhaps that's why we lose someone said to me today).   Choosing to change racquets just as her opponent is about to hit an important shot, those orgasmic grunts of hers like battle cries I'm sure she doesn't need to make. I hope one day someone does a Meg Ryan, or EVERYONE does a Meg Ryan in the stands and mimics her.   She did a lot of things that were meant to put off her opponent which weren't necessary and gradually, shot by shot, those watching cooled to her.  And commented.  Her final wave of success was greeted with polite applause in recognition it was fake.   I liked her before I met her. Now I've seen her at play. I don't.

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