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I verged on hysterics this evening. thought I was having a breakdown.   I met some very talented people today
who are almost suicidal because they can't get their money out the bank and then learnt that Hester had stopped the bankers sipping champagne at Wimbledon because it was costing the tax payer £1m and thought it 
'inappropriate' as people couldn't get their money.  And now they've been caught for moving the interest rates to suit their own cause for years and years.  its not capitalism, it's criminal and it's theft.  I hate the bankers.  and I've just heard RBS are the next ones to be charged with interest rate rigging.   I'm so angry I could write a blog! 

Tony Blair edited the Standard today, his victory lap I suppose.   In a previous blog I suggested the best way to deal with anger, or I found the best way to deal with anger was to think of Tony Blair on a toilet. But it doesn't work any more, because now when I think of him on a toilet I realize the British public are the ones he is shitting on. Sarah Sands did London an incredible disservice by allowing him to edit the paper.

And Hester has said that it is not appropriate to entertain the clients at Wimbledon because it costs tax payers a million to do so, when they can't even get the money that the bank hasn't managed to call their own - yet.   The tangible hatred toward the City is well deserved. I just wish it would turn into something that would make them hurt as much as they have hurt business and commerce.   If they are going to be fined, fine them obscene amounts and choose where it comes from wisely. Take that money and give it to our state education system and our health system. Transfer it straight way. Don't allow the bankers to say they will donate the money for charitable purposes. Fuck that. Just take it and don't allow them their tax rebate for being charitable.  It's like saying well done to a thief for giving money away that he's just stolen from you.   Separate the investment from the retail arm so that the mortgage side is protected and the gamblers crash and burn as they should have done in 2008. I'm told if it is that simple they would have done it.   I don't believe that. I believe just like the Leverson Enquiry will be buried by a government that doesn't want mud on it's face, this will be buried too because the politicians and bankers are so intertwined - Christ some of the cabinet are ex bankers.

 My only fear is that when and if a revolution comes that the ones who don't deserve the anger - the shop owners, those who live in houses they can just about afford in areas they would prefer not to live in but that's all they can afford to buy or rent are the ones who get targeted. It happened last year it could happen again.

And silly me I turned on Newsnight.   The FSA have found out that Barclays have been breaking the Chinese Wall starting from 2009.  Well it's been going on way way before that FSA and on a much larger scale and every bank has done it.  They've been cheating the system and cheating the public and Diamond (year of Diamonds isn't it) Bob that is, not the Queen, was smiling smugly away saying he would forgo his bonus this year.   And the bank are paying some pittance as a penalty which as a Lord Livesey, who was interviewed  this evening, is pocket money to the bank.    It's a criminal offence they have committed and the government should take the money from their accounts and see for themselves what it is like for their customers to not have money which they feel is rightfully theirs.  They are thieves and liars and while the rest of us are labelled as such they get away with it and smile smugly.  The global system is wrong if it has allowed banks to have the power they have.   I tell my son that. He needs to know that this disparity in wealth isn't natural, hasn't been caused because of a capitalist system working at it's best, but because of corruption and greed.  I hope schools that have careers evenings don't allow bankers anywhere near their buildings nor universities, although they will soon be the only ones who can afford to send their kids there.

This is not capitalism.  This is something else.    Companies that got fat and greedy and ineffective in a capitalist state would fail.  Charitable donations would be made out of charity not because it's tax deductable.   To add insult to injury, the wealthy are giving to charity because it is tax deductable and patting themselves  on the back for their charitable ways when its our money they are giving away.   But the poor, those on lower income, still give more to charity, a larger percentage of their income than the rich ever do.    My son is watching this inequality and think it is natural, that it is the rule of supply and demand, of balancing balance sheets.  That's bull shit.   It's run by liars and cheats and Blair was and is the most revolting of them all.   I'm worried because my son will start to realize the shits get away with it in life. The bullies get away with it in life.  The liars get away with it in life and the cowards do and I don't want my son to grow up believing that.  Be the change you want to see in the world, I think that's what Gandhi said. Well the city has and it's all been about greed.    This country is run by weak men, the banks are run by weak men and it's the strong ones who tolerate the crap who are keeping it up.

Not sure how I will deal with my anger in future.   Blair on a toilet doesn't work for me any more.

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