Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Been working to deadline on travel related stuff, popped up for air and saw that Bob Diamond is all over the papers, smiling.   He must stop smiling that way. All who work in the city smile that way (except back office who get treated like shit by those in the front office).   I texted ex to ask how it was in the (RBS) bank and he said 'everything peachy' so the smiles are genuine. Am told when some of the traders and head honchos announced their resignation/sacking there were tears (real ones, but perhaps it was out of fear that they could be next), so just shows you how bubble-like their existence is.  

There are photos of Bob with other honorable celebrated characters - John Terry and Tiger Woods - so the league of dishonorable gentlemen in all its forms sticks together.    But is he going to dissolve into the depths of Scotland like the last titan did?  What's his name now? Forgotten it.   Anyway, he had his windows broken and knighthood taken away but got his pension and bonuses.  

No, Diamond is seeking revenge the papers say.  Oh I do hope he does.   I really do.  I really hope he gets all self righteous about everything.     Nothing like watching a really nasty spat between titanic egos with bank accounts to match, who all think they've been wronged when all of them are in fact at fault.  The monied classes sue each other with such gay abandon I'm starting to feel it's out of boredom more than pride.  Of course after an enquiry when they may or may not fine the banks (which is after all fining the tax payer if you think about it),  they will decide no one is to blame because everyone is, or rather they will say it's the public's fault for making these titans act the way they do.    Very catholic this lot.

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