Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Just returned from a whistle stop tour of the Isle of Wight. Stayed at a fabulous place called Tom's eco lodge ( which is five huts by the sea, on farm where you can collect eggs from free range hens in the morning (if you get there before the children from the other holidaying families do) and see the cows being milked to 'Wave Fm' at four in the morning or the more reasonable four in the afternoon.    Run by extremely cool couple Kimmie and Tom, who you would want to be if you could be if you could relive your twenties again, it's an ideal place to stay if you are here for the festivals either in June or September.   Or any time actually.   Tom and I climbed trees (try out green, with Paul who shows you how to climb 50 foot into the air suspended by rope and courage and get a unique perspective of the solent.    The seaview wildlife  experience ( (20 min drive not far from Ryde) is fab for the Wallabies and though it sounds naff is great whether you are a teenager or teenager at heart.  I took my too cool for schooler and even he was delighted with what he saw.   It rained almost non stop for three days but it was a fabulous trip.

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