Monday, 24 June 2013


Weekend of yoga assessment.  I have been practicing my sanskrit until I was reciting it in my dreams.   Getting my ardva and ardo and urdva with the right uttanasana, mukha svanasana and hastasana.  It has been been emotional.    I went with the flow got everyone to close their eyes in easy pose (sukhasana) and told them about their chakras, coz that's the bit I like.  All the other students in the group are sooo much more bendy and stronger than me, but I've improved and think I got the timing, the pace, the pronounciation (mostly) right, without going into chanting or ommmm overdrive.  And I smiled (on the inside and out - very yogi baby)     They can all do backbends (Urdva danurasana) for minutes on end.   It was a super full moon so that' my excuse for collapsing after six seconds.    I was nervous but not as nervous as the day before when I had been in front of a group of mummy bloggers - so really this was a piece of cake compared to that.   At Britmums, one word wrong and it would potentially go viral. One word wrong here, and it would be put down as an area of improvement rather than an indelible stain that would ever smear the www.   That is the bliss of yoga.   love and light love and light even when there isn't, there's always love and light.

We were asked to bring sweet smelling candles (colours of the chakras) and joss sticks and ganeshas (of which there are many in my home) to place on our puja (spelling?) tables (alters). As for ganeshas, I think you're supposed to have them outside the house but I think, hey, hang them from the ceiling if it gets things moving although perhaps I'll stop at placing one in the bathroom.

I still need to work on backbends and headstands.

In the evenings I took Tom to Despicable Me Two 8/10, but only because the tic tac men are cute and Wolrd War Z which is like an American 29 days later or is it 27?  Can never remember.   And it's got Brad Pitt in it instead of that gorgeous eyed Irish actor who's name I can never remember playing the lead.  I must do more Warrior Three (Virabhadrasana Trini) which is supposed to improve memory and concentration.   Must write that down before i forget.

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