Friday, 21 June 2013


Wow, what an emotional evening.   I was at the Britmums Live event, held in the Brewery in the heart of the Square Mile, London, a bastion of misogyny, the city folk looking at the mums (and dads) with their toddlers and babies entering the venue as though they were from another planet.   I'm sure some of these city folk were mums and dads too.   The first prize winner was a dad.   He wrote the blog about being widowed He lost his wife last November suddenly to a car crash, and started to write a blog about the experience of looking after a two year old by himself.   He wasn't the only dad who won a prize but when he made his speech everyone gave him a standing ovation.     Read the blog if you can. It will make you appreciate life, love and the little things.

The bloggers could teach the publishers a thing or two about reaching their target audience, and in the States I believe some of the larger publishers have wisely commissioned some highly successful bloggers to help them on 'social media'.    I was with other authors Colette McBeth who's written a gripping psychological thriller PRECIOUS THINGS and Laura Kemp's excellent Mums Like Us.  We explained how we all found our way into writing fiction in different ways, but one message I wanted to send to all bloggers, actually we all did, is that the publishing industry needs to learn from the blogging 'industry'.   There is an incredible wealth of talent here, who know their target audience, respond to it, and have more followers than some of the nationals in this country.    I had a glimpse into a world I really only dabble in via twitter and this blog.   The world of blogging and 'mother (and dad) bloggers is not just a space to watch, I sense it's 'the' space to watch.

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