Friday, 23 August 2013


I've just got my yoga certificate back which is framed (thank you Suzie).   I am proud of it. I worked bloody hard for it, and I am going to make a concerted effort to be a wonderful teacher (some day) and encourage others, no matter what standard they are, to do their best, focus on alignment, breath, inner peace, truth, beauty for the 1 1/2 sessions coz that is all you can do.   But as I received it I noticed the name of my teacher. T'was written large and loud, three times. And there was mine, once (which is enough), but compared to the signature it was tiddly.   Suzie noticed it, my neighbours noticed it, I'm sure the dog I'm looking after this week will notice it.    It's actually so pronounced it's funny.  I've asked some of the other girls who did the course and they have small names too so I won't take it personally.

On an unrelated matter, I've just read a very funny editorial by my editor (Richmond Magazine) about why there is a growth in feral cats (domestic cats behaving badly) and why this is. People are allegedly being pounced on in the streets (frenzied attack probably translates as badly scratched).    It appears the owners stroke them too much and this makes them sexually aroused and aggressive when they leave home.  I laughed.   I will be very cautious how I stroke the dog.   Or anything for that matter...

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