Thursday, 27 February 2014


I met Zac Goldsmith today.   I interviewed him about his views on travel and the initiative the Energy Smart Campaign whereby the local council not only sends someone round to show how you can save energy but also gives you the contacts for the plumbers who are not cowboys and has organised a loan system that won't screw you into the ground for the next ten years to get your boiler fixed.

This is particularly pertinent to me at the moment as I am boiling water in saucepans as a plumber my neighbour recommended has charged me over £100 to get my downstairs loo fixed (I could have bought a new one for less) and looked at my boiler and now I have no ruddy hot water at all. Hence the  saucepans.   So I will be using the campaign, seeing if it's simple stupid and I can get a new boiler, a plumber that does good and not Richmond prices, and for once believe what a politician tells me is going to be delivered - happens.  

But I liked Zac Goldsmith.    I interviewed him about his travels which will appear in writing and online, but also on my new website too in the next month.    But here's a photo of the very handsome Mr Goldsmith and me grinning like the proverbial cloth cat


  1. It sounds like you got a bad deal with that dodgy plumber who charged you the earth and broke your boiler! I think you should report him to Rogue Traders! Hopefully you've found a solution but I bet it didn't come cheap. I've never had a bad experience with a plumber, I must have always picked the true professionals. Lucky.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

  2. Very nice picture- you certainly do look as proud as Punch! Will be interested to read your piece when it's published. And maybe chase you up for some useful plumber contacts- it's getting like gold dust these days finding a reliable and skilled tradesman. Sounds like an interesting scheme they've got going- could do with it around my way!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing