Thursday, 18 September 2014


Scotland will say yes. If they say no, its a fix. Psychologically its more positive to say yes, so whoever chose for staying together to be a 'no' should be shot.  Someone likened it to a divorce.  Even if they say 'no' the way this has been handled by the media as well as the politicians has been appalling.  Everyone has looked bad.  The Scottish have looked like thugs on TV, the journalists have looked antagonistic and lacking in intelligence and the politicians have looked desperate and smug.    We have a beautiful country, its just being knowingly undersold.

And why have I gone all dewy eyed about the UK?

I took psychology exam today and was with a TV company this afternoon.  I had time to walk around Westminster today for an hour, which I haven't done for ages.  Warm day, sunshine, acted like a tourist visiting the souvenir shop of Westminster Abbey (didn't go in to the Abbey itself £18!!). And sat on the grass between meetings/exams.  (love taking exams, hate revising for them).  What a beautiful city we have.  What a glorious city. Incredible architecture. Absolutely wonderful. I'm not sure if its the best in the world, but it is utterly fascinating.  Yes there are downsides.   If you are bored of London you need to get a life.   If you can't afford London, that is more understandable.   The rich are creating ghettos and they're not even English rich.   The traffic is appalling and we continue to treat cyclists like road kill.  

London still (just) allows diversity. It shouldn't be the privilege of the rich to live here. They do not make it a better place.   Just visit anywhere which the rich have made it their ghetto (Knightsbridge) and there's an unhealthy energy, as though they've brought their sick ruthless karma with them.  

And Boris -don't charge for the fireworks.  The 'wealthy' who live in London can cough up for the rest of us.  They have more than enough money to pay for 'administration and bouncers'. In fact I'm sure they can lend the New Years event some of their own.

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