Thursday, 4 September 2014


Just watched the film Lucy with Tom.   Go see.  It makes you think.  Or makes you think about thinking. The process.   The film is basically about expanding the mind. Using the brain more efficiently and effectively - literally seeing through things, what you're sold and told, and being a free spirit and thinker.   Everything establishment doesn't want us to do.   The film is based on the premise we use only 10% of the brain.    Tom tells me its a myth we use only 10% of our brain. I don't know how he knows, but he says he knows.     I'm not sure who worked that out - the 10% but basically the film (Lucy) explodes the mathematical way we structure life.   As the protagonist (played by Scarlett Johanssen - the  'Lucy' of the film, says at one point 'the only thing we've learnt in a billion years is one plus one equals two and that's even wrong'.    It simplifies things of course, because it's Hollywood, it's only got an hour and twenty minutes to explain the meaning of life (which as one plus one doesn't equal two, I suppose isn't four and three quarters either).  It flushes the use of math down the toilet to explain things. Or anything of importance.

Mathematics is limiting and limited.  It structures and explains, but has become like a end in itself where it only existed to explain, function, be part of the journey to something more esoteric.   Which is sort of what Lucy is about.    Lucy played by Scarlett Johansen (obligatory gorgeous) is helpless victim (but bright - goes to Uni - has to study - its an American film so they've got to be pseudo PC although I think its lost on the X Factor/CBB/Great British Bake Off generation being fed mental trash.  Then due to Chinese/Taiwanese (never specified) drug baron, she carries drugs which expand her mind.   What does she do with it?   She realises her time is limited, its the only thing that makes us exist and that she wants to share what she knows before her cells choose to literally go their own way.    She does so, and puts her knowledge in a neat package so to speak, for universal good. (although she puts it into the hands of a man…..but that's Hollywood for you.  But it is Morgan Freeman, and as he's played God in the past, you've got the idea its in good hands..)  

Contrast this with Limitless - a film also focused on a mind expanding drug - albeit one you take one at a time - willingly.   A man takes it (obligatory gorgeous male actor forgotten name of) and uses it for, good sex, making money, learning languages so he can impress in restaurants, in bars, mainly women, to have good sex, creating power, creating fear, being politically powerful, making money.   Getting one over.   I suppose the moral to that is - give a woman power and she shares it, she uses a higher deeper wisdom, and realises true power is in sharing it, give it to a man, and despite having a bigger brain, he still only manages to have one thing on it - sex and keeping power to himself.

Of course this is just Hollywood's take on what men and women would do with incredible intelligence given the same 'pill' and opportunity.

and ps. Joan Rivers is dead.  What a summer.  Watching the TV from France over the summer amongst the birds, bees and butterflies, I watched Syria, Iraq, Ebola, Libya, Rotherham, hurricanes in the US, volcanoes in Iceland and a Baked Alaska in a tent somewhere in English suburbia, and the deaths of  Robin Williams (what a waste - that was over money, I'm sure), David Attenborough, Lauren Bacall, and now Joan Rivers - larger than life characters, power houses whether you liked them or not.  And Kim K gets Woman of the Year.  What for? Alliteration?    And Tony Blair gets philanthropist of the year. What utter utter bollocks.   He gives money that he's made from the banks that pay him millions to talk to them, which they've in turn taken from the populace (us).   He's still giving our money away and getting awarded for it.   When will the world wake up and realise all the Emperors of establishment, each and every establishment, past and present have no clothes on. What pill do we need to take?  Hope they give it just to the women.

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