Thursday, 2 October 2014


After a horrid summer, the smell of Autumn is almost intoxicating. It has that distinct sweet smell.  I've taught loads of yoga which I've loved, and even had time to try out keratin hair treatment  (brazilian conditioning) at Metropolis in Kingston
which works really well on my hair smoothing out the wrinkles. @l_kerabelle @metrpoliskt1   The hair looks lovely but I've still got loads of work to do on the face.
 I visited the Olympia Show and tried out an Elemis facial which was brilliant, and had my nails painted turquoise which goes with my rings, although I had an interview the following day and had to explain away the nails.
A part from that I've been living a hermit existence but went out tonight to celebrate a very good friends birthday at the London Corinthia Hotel. Met some fascinating people, and took a photo while crossing Waterloo Bridge.  London is a wonderful city, especially on a warm Autumn night.

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