Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Southbank is on my doorstep. Its a 15 minute train drive away.  BFI Southbank are holding a feast of Xmas movies (Meet Me in St Louise (how did Judy Garland get her hair to quiff like that?)  Its a Wonderful Life  -all those with financial problems please watch that, or the new version 'Angela' which is incredibly moving but set in a very contemporary setting.    Guys and Dolls (although I don't think this is really a Christmas movie although am I being bah humbug about it.)

I love films and hope to be taking Tom to all of them, although he's already seen the Hobbit so I haven't seen the last two Hobbit films but am told they are all part of the same thing so I haven't missed much, just one long very protracted fight.

My son is sixteen on Saturday.   I am blessed and amazed he's healthy, happy, balanced and I haven't killed him with my cooking, and he knows that he's loved and supported by both of his parents although neither of them feel that about each other.  

What I recommend you go do at Southbank a part from see the films this Christmas?   Avoid Winter Wonderland. Expensive.     Go do the London Eye.  Short but good, and book ahead.   Wonderful views and better value than the Shard.   National Theatre has Treasure Island. www/    Southbank Centre has Slava's Snowshow which I went to last year and is wonderful although better for younger children (think 8 - 10 rather than teenagers.   www/

Grimms Tales and go see if you can.   Wonderful production going on till 15th February.

Finish off at the bar at the Mondrian Hotel.  Very trendy even if you are not it will rub off.  plus has its own cinema

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