Monday, 22 December 2014


Where does the time go?   I sort of know where it goes looking back through this blog.   I don't put everything down of course, and this year has been a mare (Year of the Horse so we should have known).   But for a day, I went up to London with Tom who makes me look small.   I am not small.  I am five foot 9 and now wear heels so am not short.  And look at us.   And I'm wearing a hat.  He is head and shoulders above me.  In every way.    His father and I are blessed.

We went to the Frostival festival at the London Eye, as the sun was setting. London looked incredible despite the cranes.  And then onto Its a wonderful life at the BFI which I haven't seen all the way through.   There are some powerful moments in that and yet another film where there's a Scrooge of a banker who doesn't learn his lesson.  Bankers are always depicted as the baddies but actually they are the baddies.  Even Jesus with all his magnanimous compassion kicked them out of the Temple.  The only decent lovely one I've ever met is short and Welsh.  Banker that is, not Jesus.

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