Thursday, 5 March 2015

fifty shades of grey and new pix

Well, I've changed the pix on my Facebook and Twitter pages. I know some people do that all the time,  but I don't.  I'm now no longer in the field and now wearing a hat.   And in child's pose/balasana which is a lovely yoga posture.  Its kind and kind is harder to take than the more strident postures that evoke courage and discipline, strength or stamina.   Essentially its one where you listen to your breathe and are at peace, but stretching your spine at the same time.  You are still and in that stillness everything flushes through you  emotions, thoughts, breathe whoosh.    Its an interesting posture for many reasons.  I sometimes see people cry when they are in this posture as so many other postures are 'heart openers', and you're never long enough in downward dog to get away with the tears.

Any way its in the book THE A TO ZEN OF YOGA which is out in April.  

I went to see fifty shades last night.   The book is better than the film.   I've met Christian Grey, or wannabe Christina Grey (i.e. no helicopter or imagination - just the need to control). Little boy lost playing the I can't help myself to women who are natural nurturers and can't give enough to someone who is essentially a black hole.   I am told there are a lot of people who are into S&M (they also probably like M&S).   Middle classes who look so straight on the outside.    Pity sex is so often used as a weapon these days.   

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