Friday, 13 March 2015

sexy spring

Forget Cameron, Clarkson and just smile at Spring.   It is sexy. 


That exquisite scent of nature's orgasm
Aroused from a deep sleep
Shrouded in winter's sober blanket of
dark enclosed comfort
Breezes whisper like a hair's breathe
As the delicate petal sheets unfold
And peel back, layer by layer
the bud
With graceful knowing ease
And aching colour plumps up the shoots as they burst
into life, pushing up and out and through and
into light
The pinks, and reds, and purples
ripen in the cool-kissed sunshine
Twisting and bending and arching back into crescending shape
Nature's ecstatic wake up call
As it explodes into a screaming smile

And sighs bliss.

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