Saturday, 26 March 2016


Watched the Trump interview last night.    The more I see politicians the more I feel the non politicians would do a better job. Politics is not about doing good, its about looking good.  Two very different things and at the moment the politicians in our government are being transparent (something they ironically say they always want to be) showing themselves to be self serving individuals jostling for places m the next government and not giving two hoots about the country.  Trump has enough money not to be at the bock and call of anyone.   he jumps to his own tune and although I think his hair is a mess (who cares) he realises the power is not only in the message but in delivering the promise.  He knows the 'people' are fed up of being run by people who are out of touch.   The politicians are The Riot Club. Even to the extent I believe their behaviour sickens some of them to the point they want out.   Just as the law has nothing to do with mortality and ethics, politics has nothing to do with the people.   It is to do with self promotion and keeping options open.   Point is, when you need a decision to be made for the good of the people, this lot do not understand they are there to facilitate, as are all the establishments.  They are not hierarchy to be revered or respected.  They are something to facilitate the rest of us making the most of our lives. That is what they are there for.    And at the moment our politicians do not deserve our respect or time, let alone our vote.

As for Trump, I don't know. He's a media man, so probably a very good liar and all you know about very good liars are they are very good liars. But then so are our politicians.   What a choice.

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