Sunday, 26 June 2016


This is playground politics.      We have voted out of the EU and those who 'lost' are throwing the toys out of the pram because they didn't win.   This is the so called political class, who are also becoming very much the sneering class, classifying those who voted leave as imbeciles because they didn't understand what they were doing.  That is extremely arrogant and ignorant of those who voted to remain. Those who chose remain felt they benefited from being in the EU and the economy is going well.  Actually they said they 'knew' it.    And that staying would mean we would have better negotiating skills inside Europe.    Those who voted leave felt they weren't benefiting from being in the EU and although they were told the economy was going well, they didn't feel it.   If they did, they would have voted remain.

Under the banner of immigration and economy the two sides have fought but actually neither are the real issues.  Yes immigration was increasing dramatically, but the economy is also doing well.   But neither are as dramatic as they say. There was exaggeration. As soon as you exaggerate, you lose credibility.   Both sides had a point. Rather than saying 'both sides have a point and are valid', both sides  chose to bash the shit out of each other and say this is a black and white.  An immigration vs economy issue.  And its not that simple.   The media were irresponsible but then they always are when they are given such obtuse hypothetical information in the first place. They also make stuff up.  
Furthermore both sides offered such weak and convoluted 'hypothetical' evidence for their cause, often spouted by people who lacked credibility despite being headlined as 'experts' that I am amazed the turn out was so high.    The 'people' thought everyone was lying to them.  These people had before.

Meanwhile there are parents apologising to their children for ruining their future.   Really?  Well, that won't scare the shit out of them will it.  They may feel the vote was irresponsible but not as irresponsible as telling their children that the end of the world is nigh.  Creating a generation that will be stunted by fear, just as in many ways our own parents were.  

Shit has happened.  perhaps. We don't know yet. Not even the ones who think they know, know yet.  The markets are depressed, in turmoil, unhappy, as though they are living breathing human beings. They are not. They are run by gamblers who care more about their wine than they do about other peoples money. They guess.  Everything is hypothetical.   Its like screaming at a river for flowing the wrong way.   Like screaming at water.   And hey, the shit may fertilise some new idea thats better.  The river may take us to a better place.   We don't know. There may be grown ups somewhere who will realise there was value in both sides of the arguments and come to a balanced compromise so that every one wins.  Just like a divorce which this is being compared to, no one should go away with everything. No one wins in a divorce.    The man will always give more than he wants and the wife will always get less than she wants. Or the other way round depending who earns most of the money in the first place.   And the one that earns it doesn't mean they deserve it or are worth it either.   Its a fifty fifty thing, just like this vote was really.  That is how it should be.  So with this.

This proves we could see both sides of the argument.    Because both sides made a valid point.    Now go back and tell your children that.    YOU are scaring them.

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