Saturday, 19 November 2016


Lifts are interesting things.    Love in an elevator, but then I see Trump and Farage in a golden lift and it takes on new meaning.    There was Roald Dahl, the Great Glass Elevator that knew no boundaries and had no boundaries, it was made of glass, but got Charlie and co in to trouble.    I remember the drawing in that book where the monsters were in lifts and with their bodies (you've got to read the book) marked out the words 'SCRAM.   There was that film where the devil was inside the elevator and they were trapped.  Evelator to hell, they seem to go up or down.  You get stuck in them. They are claustrophobic. No one speaks.  They can have sex (Fatal Attraction) or just flirt (New Years Eve), or get killed (Dressed to Kill), in one.    Confined spaces make people horny or suicidal.    Or in the case of Trump and Farage, you wish going down all the way.  Just making sure they do not take the rest of us with them.


  1. I had the acute misfortune to attend a meeting in a Regus Business Centre recently. To achieve the first floor I used the lift provided. I noticed it was manufactured by a continental Company,the Schindler Group. I spoke to the young Essex Person at reception and enquired how many people make a joke about their "Shindler's lift" to be greeted with a blank look which told me that even had I texted the pun, it would have flown-over the Orange-one's head.
    .... Or is it me that should be taken out and shot as irrelevant ?

    1. very funny! how are you? it would be lovely to meet up for lunch again at that pub!