Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Did a BBC Radio Interview today and as per usual in November I loose my voice. Change in season, I always use to blame the dry air and continual shouting of the experience that is World Travel Market, but this has happened before WTM, so perhaps I'll explain it on a course I went on at the weekend.    Visited Greenwich. Lovely place and the Cutty Sark.  A ship I visited last when I was ten.   I like Greenwich village. It has a bohemian edge which Richmond has lost.  

The radio interview was about Stress Awareness Day.  I chatted in my husky voice which occasionally verged on Minnie Mouse about stress in the work place and how they are offering employees ways to deal with stress. Surely the best way to deal with stress is to change the working systems, change the management and identify that the people who work in the business aren't hard, tough, sociopathic enough to deal with what is expected of them.   It would make things much easier.

Of course, there are things you can't change.   The people around you may cause you stress.  Family and friends who cause you stress should be deleted.  It is possible and yes you might feel lonely initially but it is amazing how quickly white space makes you appreciate those you really miss, and those who were just, well, filling space.

So tomorrow yoga-ing all day and to radio show and then to a meeting and full day on Friday. Hope the voice will hold out. Radio is a bit of a bummer without a voice.

 As for how to deal with stress, and basic unwellness - I go for sleep. Sleep should be made statutory in the afternoon for two hours - 2 - 4.  That would deal with stress.   We don't need a day to make us aware of it.  

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