Thursday, 4 April 2019


Well, there I was looking at a blank screen, half watching Killing Eve (what is it with Eves these days?), and I received an email about 'expert tips' on the mindfulness approach from a luxury dating (what is luxury dating?) agency.   Hmm.
        A leading psychologist 'specialising' in matchmaking (nice niche),  has pinched the words and advice of Jung (so he is actually the matching making expert) says you are more likely to find the 'right one' if you are self-aware, empathetic, present, and realistic.  In other words, if you know what you look like, know what you want, know what you expect, know what they expect, are in touch with your gut instinct, and trust it.  I disagree. I think you are more likely to know who the wrong one is if you are all of these things (detecting psychos, control freaks, narcissists, sociopaths, sex addicts, basically any Alpha) very quickly (although they are very good at hiding their traits as they read the same self help books those seeking solace do).
         If you have all of these things (are basically emotionally intelligent and balanced), you will also know that it is a waste of time and money investing in a luxury dating agency.  Better advice would be, be all of those things that Jung suggests, and get on with your life. Travel, learn, have fun, be independent, and a man will come along. They are usually like buses. And some of them are going in your direction and some of them aren't. That's what you've got to learn. Which one to get 'on' and if its worth changing direction for them?  Although with Alphas, never forget, you turn into the bus carrying them. Did Jung do a chapter on buses?
          I wonder what Jung would make of this.  Everyone it seems is becoming a psychoanalyst or healer or therapist of some sort.  Perhaps I'm just getting this information because I did a psychology degree and am interested in the spiritual and esoteric, but google it and there's loads out there. I suppose there is on a lot of subjects. I've just got a contact from someone who is into life Allignment. Life Allignment is something I researched many years ago. It works but again the therapist needs to be skilled, and I am not sure if it is something that can be 'taught'. You have the skill or you don't. It can be disciplined and channelled, but not taught.  Soon everyone will be a healer and there will be no one to heal, a part from the healers.  Perhaps that another niche - a healer of healers! Although I think Jung's got that one.
        Just heard from a friend who tells me her ex husband is taking the children away for the whole of Christmas. She met him on a luxury dating website. She married an Alpha male and told me she doesn't think alpha males should marry. "They should fight and die, but not marry and/or breed.  They are lousy role models for their children. Selfish, self righteous and unable and unwilling to change.  They never learn." But you married him, I said to her. "Perhaps we should tell our children not to marry Alpha males. Just have their children and pray for war."

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