Wednesday, 3 April 2019


I teach yoga early on Wednesdays at Virgin Active Twickenham. Like 6.30 am early.
        Its a lovely venue, by the rugby club and when the World Cup was on, I use to get a lot of rugby players or perhaps just rugby types in the class.  But I create visualisations n each of my classes, and the Wednesday ones are usually the most vivid.
        This morning focused on water. In yoga, water is associated with emotion, and the concept of flow. When it fails to move on it stagnates, as do we.   So we should be in constant flow, constantly moving on.  This is always challenging when we consider assets as things rather than ourselves.  So we will hold onto a building, a car, a relationship because that is an asset, but actually the real asset is ourselves.  And when we are in constant flow we are at our most powerful.   The visualisation this morning was imagining as a stream, flowing into a river, then waterfall, then sea, and finally ocean.   I usually visualise myself sitting in a kayak or canoe, something I've done a lot in the past, but we are part of nature. We don't sit on it, walk on it, we are an integral part of it.
       Its also possibly why I've never been a great fan of lakes. Not even the splendid Italian ones.  They are beautiful but they are stagnant. They don't go anywhere (although I am told these ones do, but I'm not sure how.... Anyway, they look too still.  And still waters don't run deep, they are just still.  
Waterfalls are my favourite. They are cliffs really.  Just with water.

More of my visualisations will be in my next book THE BRILLIANT BOOK OF EXCELLENT ENERGIES,

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