Thursday, 18 November 2010


Am I the only one who saw the elephant in the room when Kate and Wills met the press?  Kate dressed in blue, looking aslant to the side, dark eyeliner, and the ring, that ring and William looking the spitting image clone of she who must not be named.  Kate froze when asked about Diana not because she didn't know how to answer the question,  Kate knows how to follow in her mother in law's footsteps - she simply makes her own footsteps. She froze because she knows how uncomfortable, how awkward, how vulnerable and how utterly pathetic she who must not be named makes the Windsors look and feel.    Charles looked grey pompous, every day increasingly looking like a spoilt little prince behaving like a chippy little rich man, when he was asked about the engagement.   And Camilla, step mother that she is, uttered the immortal words 'wicked'.   She who must not be named has a sense of humour.   'Wicked' step mother.   I don't think she has been accepted whatever the tabloids suggest.  She's just so innocuous she makes even Charles look substantial.   William chose the ring because he wanted to feel that his mother would not miss out on the fun.     Diana was screaming loud and proud in that room when the press appeared and the rest of the Windsors knew it.   Everyone will be thinking or her when they see William walking down the aisle.  And I love the fact Kate is allergic to horses.   William your mother would have approved. xx

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