Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Am watching the protests in Whitehall today on the TV.    Terribly un PC thing to say but I'm so very pleased the students are angry and showing it. That they feel it's wrong that only the wealthy should get the best education.   They're not fearful or apathetic.  They are challenging a decision which is fundamentally flawed.   Educate the masses and they work for you.    But then again, perhaps if we have a government who are fearful and apathetic and flawed, then they believe educate the masses and they work against you.  Or rather, they vote against you.   The government won't listen. They feel that if they do now, it will show that they have backed down to force. To violence.  Not that they have backed down to better logic.   And a more intelligent decision.    The government are in a no win situation and they have put themselves in it.    Or they will claim, the previous government have put them in it.  Or put us in it.  It's never their fault, always the fault of someone else.  And oh yes, we voted the previous government in, or the majority did, so ultimately its' our fault. Or the fault of the parents of those students who are now protesting in Whitehall today on the TV.    If you can't convince the masses confuse them.   If you can't confuse them, don't educate them...... 

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