Monday, 15 November 2010


I attended the launch of a new eye wrinkle cream last week.     I was a good twenty five years older than most of the women in the room, all of whom were wearing black, most of whom had blond hair and no visible signs of cellulite, curve, wrinkle or need of aforementioned eye wrinkle cream. A travel journalist should never attend anything to do with beauty or skin care,or rather this one shouldn't have, as I found myself being inspected/analysed quite closely by all those I met.    What I had always hoped was a natural outdoor glow, a light tan, had suddenly turned into the skin damage, oh dear, and the crepiness, and oh no, I didn't cleanse tone and moisturise regularly and that was the reason my skin had aged so badly. I felt 102.   I did a test. I have the skin of someone marginally younger, but only marginally.   I have spent too many years on planes, baking in the sun, being outdoor in too hot or too cold climates and not taking care of my skin.    Too much coffee, not enough sleep, too much time in front of the computer squinting not wearing glasses, etc. etc.    Too much travelling, too much laughing, too much living....

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