Sunday, 6 March 2011


I have just returned from a whistle stop tour of Barcelona and Palma, following the life and times of the artist Miro.    Commissioned for the Tate Magazine, I felt privileged to walk around the galleries and be told about this man, how he had evolved as an artist, and how, unlike many others, was in fact, quite a happy balanced soul.  No cutting ears off, taking drugs, committing suicide, manic depressive here. No infidelities. He had a very long and happy marriage, a daughter he adored and travelled extensively, influenced greatly by the Japanese and his own sense of love of life and passion for his country and nature, which formed his artistry along the way.  He was an artist who I would have really liked to have met him. (Unlike Gaugin who was a philandering ex banker who sounded like a real conceited shit, albeit extremely talented - unlike most philandering ex bankers).  

I watched a dvd of Miro painting in his studio in Palma and he had smiling eyes, and an interesting face, one that had seen a lot and filtered out only the good stuff and turned the negative into positives.  His style was graffiti, almost a precursor to Banksy although I am sure the art historians and experts will call me a charlatan. (I do not care).    He died at the age of ninety, but as I wandered round his garden of half finished canvases and gazed at the twenty or so canvases that he had prepared to paint on next (and in some cases burn), I felt he died too soon. Miro still had so much to give and grow.  He used the walls of his home to practice his art, even sitting on the toilet seat he drew, and found out paintings at flea markets which he bought and painted over (and managed to enhance by doing so). His sculptures are hypnotic.   He mixed with poets and writers as well as the likes of Picasso, and children 'get' his paintings whereas adults frequently don't.  I am writing the piece as Miro will exhibit at the Tate this year.    Please go see. Wonderful art, lovely man, beautiful story.  

My guides were wonderful - Maria and Marisse.  Thank you to all those who helped with the trip, it was brilliant.    They made the journey in finding out about this artist a pleasure and enhanced every step of the way.   My experiences will be out in the Tate magazine next month. 

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  1. fantastic Sarah...i look forward to reading more