Sunday, 20 March 2011

thank you!

Thank you to all who came to watch at the TNT Show.  Fascinating to walk past the vast queues that were waiting to get into the Ideal Home exhibition and to find an altogether more fun and focused assembly at the Travel Show, for the young and young at heart.   No blips in the talk except the announcements every ten minutes in the hall booming over my voice announcing...that I was talking in Seminar Room One. Hey ho, I did a dance every time they spoke.    

I hope those who came enjoyed the talk as I gave them some very good tips about what makes a strong travel book, and its nothing about getting the facts right about the destination, or the journey for that matter.  A lot of it is about passion and the ability to convey it.  

One girl asked me at the end 'how do you become as passionate as you are about traveling?'   I don't know the answer to that one.   I have always loved to explore the new, discover or rediscover,  and am curious and tenacious by nature.    And I believe without passion, or at least having someone or something to be passionate about, what is life about?   

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  1. Hello Sarah,

    you might not remember me, but I was (probably) the only one who didn't go to speak to you after the seminar. I enjoyed it immensely. Everything was said therefore it was needless to ask you anything afterwards. I would say that we are really similar (based on your speech), always enthusiastic, genuinely interested in everything,.. with zest for life (typical Gemini).... I just need to work on myself and try to convey my thoughts onto paper...I really like your articles - they are fresh, they have 'speed' and when I read about canoeing in Canada I could almost feel my fingers getting stiff....

    Well, thanks was inspiring.