Wednesday, 20 November 2013


In Asia, foodstuffs are used to enhance beauty on a scale the western world has yet to comprehend. When I was in China earlier this year, everything from a sea slug (nothing compared to the stuff they eat on I'm a Celebrity for the trails) to various juices from unpronounceable vegetables allegedly makes you look younger.    Their mainstream is becoming our alternative but I have yet to see sea slug being sold at Wholefoods.   It may happen. Ten years ago people would pinch their noses at a kiwi.

In Thailand, it's the same, everything is fragranced with lemongrass, ginger, chillies, and coconut milk and juice, but these have already travelled to the UK, boxed for western palates and pockets.   Coconut juice is now sold in cartons high priced everywhere from health foods to Tesco and Sainsbury's.

I've had the best Thai massage ever here, in Hua Hin, at a place that charged £6 for an hour.  If you wouldn't know it was good, you would walk past it so best to ask the hotel.   I'll put the details down here later when I have chased them up myself!!!   The women walk round almost in a graceful dance getting people into positions I'm sure even their lovers can't or won't.  And I felt and looked younger.  I will see if the same works at home.

The typhoon has had an impact on the Thai coast, something a little unnerving to know as my bedroom was on the seafront at the hotel in Hua Hin, as I watched the waves lap over the storm break, trying to work off the jet lag - lack of sleep not good for the skin.

But it is lovely here. Bath warm weather, at dusk, bird song so loud it sounds as though it's come off a CD and a state of the art sound system, fresh everything, and a grace and gentleness that is inbred into the culture.  It lifts the spirit.   Admittedly the first time I visited Bangkok nearly twenty six years ago, I felt intimidated by how much the male of the species considered themselves better than the female, so managing expectations before you visit for a woman is important.   But at least here it's out in the open.        I'm not sure I would want to be a woman here, wrinkles or without.  Having wrinkles is the least of their problems.   As it is or should be for every woman.

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