Tuesday, 18 November 2014

BOOK LAUNCH - THE A TO ZEN OF TRAVEL and www.atozenoftravel.com

Waterstones, 6.30pm to 8 friends turned up to hear me talk about the latest book, including two ex boyfriends.  Thank you guys.  I really appreciated it.  And everyone else who came, thank you. To John who came all the way over from Essex and hates leaving his village let alone crossing London.   And Claire, thank you, you are so supportive and always lovely and fit everything and everyone in in your incredibly busy life.   Wish I had half your time management skills although I think like me, you sleep very little.   Julie and Nikki, you're always there for me.  And Ailsa - you are amazing!  Jo and her beautiful daughter - thank you for tweeting. and Chantal - another one who's a compulsive go getter but makes it look easy (its not).  And Richard huge huge thank you and hope the review isn't too bad.   I still remember the one I got from the Telegraph for my first book. It was a stinker.   But I learn from bad reviews, just like I do shitty people and I have had both in spadefuls this year - bad reviews and shitty people. But it makes the good ones shine bright.  I'm getting rid of the dead wood and helping others with yoga do the same.  I read once if you visualise a gravestone with their names on it, its one way of making them RIP, but I heard that a woman did that once and it actually happened.  So I'm not going to go there.  

I have been writing my christmas card list.   For once I am sending cards to people I have seen this year.  People who have been so supportive and kind, not just distant names I knew once.   I've got to know them again.  And managing to do productive stuff. Taught yoga this morning to a lovely class - and they like me.  That's so nice.   I've had a lot of hate. That's the only way I can put it, hate, coming my way this year and although its made me stronger and more aware of myself, it has made me much more aware of others.  After all, hate is fear.    We all have problems don't we.  Just I've become aware others have much bigger issues than me.  And boy do they dump.  But its all material for a writer. I'm here to observe, not judge.

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