Friday, 28 November 2014


So the Priory is going to the City. The Surrey one deals with the banker's wives and the City one is dealing with the banker.  Simplistic generalisation but basically on the money.
The ones who should go, won't because they think there's nothing wrong with them and its everyone else that has something wrong with them. And most of the really psychotic ones have already left having been dismissed for doing the banks bidding with 'wilful obtuseness' I think the financial ombudsman called it.  In other words, lying through their white capped teeth.   Will any of them who become farmers, bed and breakfast owners, interior designers, spiritual healers or whatever ever admit to once being a 'banker'?   I think not.
As for the rest, the ones who go, will not want to admit it because they work in environments that nurture/attract sociopaths who don't give a toss about anything other than their own needs which they will satisfy at any cost to others.
The city is big on self absorb not self aware, and they already know how to mind fuck so I am genuinely more concerned about the counsellor than I am about the 'patient'.  The English Psycho could out manoeuvre the American one any day.   These guys think they are omnipotent. Well, they've got away with screwing the world's global economy, and probably worse, why not?     Trying to get them to believe they are not God is a waste of breathe.  And hey, they don't need help anyway. Its those who live with them who do.

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