Sunday, 9 November 2014


But good. Good week in that I got out and it took me away from the computer screen. World Travel Market was its usual nutty and eclectic self, but I arrived on the Monday when everyone was fresh faced.  Check out the new company  They are a company to watch, and go with.  I also visited on the Wednesday and noticed everyone drooping.  I have worked at exhibitions before. It is exhausting.

I attended the Luxury Travel Market - much smaller and more civilised affair (thick pile cream carpets, Mosimanns instead of Costa catering).    I liked those people I met at the stands very much but not those walking around the stands.  The sort who give generously to charity, look like brother and sister more than husband and wife, but if they want something you want they would rip your face off to get it first.  You wouldn't want to know them let alone be their friends.  

Next door was the must buy market.   The Spirit of Christmas, (spend spend spend)   the jumble sale for the upper middle classes, also had the type - but mainly women who should listen carefully to the lyrics of Joni Mitchell's Harry's House.  Polished and subtly perfumed despite their botox, facials, manicures, pedicures, boots, cashmere sweater look, they look utterly miserable.  And no amount of buying beautiful things can fix it.  Nothing. Not even the most interesting smelly candles (there were over forty stands selling smelly candles - how many do you need?)  They won't find what they need at Spirit of Christmas. Perhaps Brandy will do the trick.   There was actually a stand which sold 'posh trash'.     In the midst of this upper middle class madness I found the Linseed Oil Farm selling wonderful linseed flapjacks, and a stand selling furry knickers. They were my favourites and the person who will hopefully illustrate the front cover to my next book.  No more selfless so no photos.  

Check out which is quickly getting more info on where to go for emotional issues. This week - where to go if you are going to have an emotional breakdown.  So that's everyone then. 

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