Friday, 2 January 2015


NEW YEAR.  Well not quite if you are Chinese which started badly.  Fools gold (fake money) thrown out to crowds.  36 died.   Wonder who threw it out.   I bet I'm right    Lots of murders, another plane down in an ocean, and we are worried about trains not running on time. In the grand scale of things DOES IT REALLY MATTER?  I suppose it does if you're life depends on it.
Just Watched the Hobbit.  Excellent. Dwarves, elves, men, women, giant eagles and crows battling each other for position and money. The ones who are sitting on it don't want to share it despite the fact they promised they would - and go mad.    So sounds just like today really.   And how the uneven distribution of money has got completely out of contexx and out of hand.  They all join together, get courage and compassion and realise who the bad guys are (orcs - ugly ones, but thanks to media training and plastic surgery, we've just got to trust our instinct these days) about who are the baddies are (politicians, bankers, basically people who look like orcs).    Tolkein's tale is as relevant today as it was then.   We never learn do we.

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