Thursday, 8 January 2015


I'm working on a project on how mothers shape the experience of lovers (thats men or women) for the degree.   Because its a degree everything is in brackets, linear, restrained, anal, academic but hopefully the approach I'm using will allow for more description and breadth. Perhaps. Its a bit like writing an article for one extremely fussy editor, but this time the people you are quoting are mostly dead.    I'm looking forward to the research, am deep into it, and then for some light relief I turn on the TV.

Erm.  There is the news story about what has happened in France, which is dreadful.     But I don't look, listen, read the news now and take it at face value, or even the value given to me by the media.    My feeling is that they were mercenaries, and that the people they are chasing for the killings are patsies.  It was slick, there was no emotion, the almost throw away line of 'we' did it' at the end.   They were paid to do it, but who by?   I don't think its straight forward any more, I don't think it ever was.   There are so many people, governments, establishments, individuals, invested in seeing chaos and diversion in Europe. There's so much 'them and us' as though we are not in this together.  Divide and conquer.   Or depress and conquer and take away hope.   Because if you take away hope you take away power.   I think that line comes from the Hunger Games.

I turn channels.   And then there's CBB, which is depressing,  and the programme on cosmetic surgery gone wrong, which is depressing, and realise that some of those on CBB could actually be on the programme on cosmetic surgery gone wrong, and perhaps they've just signed up for the wrong programme.  And then there's the programme on the super rich, (actually calling itself 'the superrich and us' - identifying that there is a them and us scenario and we are somehow enemies), which is not true.  We are all in this together if we did but know it.    And then the programme on sex parties, which was also depressing and not sexy but perhaps they'll end up on CBB one day, or more likely they may have been in that BB house already.

At the end of the sex party programme, the participants say 'I would never have a relationship with someone who goes to sex parities'.  They wore masks so couldn't be recognised but then they just wear different ones outside.    Celebrity for you.

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