Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Just finished the photographs for the yoga book which will be out end February, all things being equal (which they never are but I live in hope).   Am pleased with it.    Like the A to Zen of Travel, its meant to be read through and thumbed a lot. I want people to start doing yoga postures in offices, at stations, in queues, supermarkets, jury service, anywhere that is wildly inappropriate, thats what I would like them to do.   Yoga isn't po faced. Its meant to integrate into life.   I don't recommend people do yoga and drop everything else. You need to spin and run and try other stuff out to see if your body can change and take new exercise.   I remember teaching aerobics five times a week in my twenties and then being asked to a squash game for twenty minutes and was utterly exhausted. Thats what exercise should be, continually challenging so you never get too complacent.   But yoga helps with peace and if the teacher is fun, the music inspiring, it works.  I'm pleased I do it, and really pleased I teach it. I've met some very lovely people through teaching it.   And that is priceless.

Talking priceless, I read about the man in the States who was shot by his son because he was going to deduct his allowance by £60. Now for a multi millionaire, that seems like a very small amount of money.  But from my experience, its the small sums that the wealthy get their knickers in a twist about the most.   So the man is dead for £60. So for all his wealth, his life was worth £60.  That was his value. To his son anyway.

And went to see The History of Everything.  Wonderful film.  Genuinely touching love story.   She came out of it better than he did, but then she wrote the book so perhaps unsurprising.   Ironically I thought less of the man than I did before I saw it.   Not sure why.  Must read the book although don't think I will understand it.   All peas and potatoes to me...

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