Monday, 12 May 2014


In order of importance at a hotel. what does the customer value of most importance?   The comfort of the bed. The efficiency of the shower.  The variety and qualify of breakfast.   Everything else is cherry. These three are the cake.

Admittedly the bed may not be for sleeping in, the shower for washing in and the breakfast for eating but they didn't ask this question of those vox popped.

And so to sleep.   I attended the wonderful London Corinthia Hotel where films on sleep had been commissioned.   I  met with the good and great - through the rain and dared to pose with a super model.   I left my hat on.  Two films entered fort the British Film Festival were shown. Dark and romantic, The problem of insomnia and the fine line between dream and reality.   Reminded me a bit of the film in Mr Beans Holiday - waiting for Rowan Atkinson to suddenly appear with a prawn up his nose.  He didn't (although they did on the nibble plates handed round), but both films were stylish and beautifully presented.    Like those who attended... Daisy, Zauwe and me...

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