Monday, 19 May 2014


I've been up all night. Just back from my first yoga retreat which I think went really well. Catching up with admin.

Tom and I are blessed.  We live in a lovely location in France which has wonderful energy so whether you're doing downward dogs or backward bends or just sipping a kir, (although hopefully the yoga adds considerably to the experience).  The sun shone (although I'm told it did here too) and Arsenal won so Tom is a very happy chap.

Before I left for France I met Danielle de Winter (beauty shot and skinologie) - this time in person.  She does not have a wrinkle on her face (no botox) so a brilliant exponent of what she sells and tells.  

We happened to meet at the Wholefoods shop thats in Richmond.   I admit, I go there when there's a sale on.   Danielle remarked on the prices noting that 'it's cheaper in Monte Carlo than it is here," looking at the nuts.

There's a brand of food called Paleo which focuses on the ingredients we used to eat when we were hunting for our own food (so raw mostly and grain based - unless we caught the live food).   There was some 'Paleo' food in the shop but she noticed that it had been roasted so wasn't strictly part of that diet.  I admit I've never heard of it, but she recommends it, as she does walnuts (brain food, they look like brains after all) and almonds (appetite suppressants as well as full of good stuff).

We went to the fish and meat counter.  The guy knew where everything was sourced, didn't expand or exaggerate on how good or bad anything was, and told us why cold smoking is better than hot smoking (choose cold never hot).    Mackerel is usually hot smoked, salmon can be both.    Most salmon is farmed, don't touch it.  Ditto trout.   If you saw how it was farmed you wouldn't go near it.   And ask about the various standards of 'eco' when you buy chicken and fish at any shop - actually try to go somewhere where you can ask.  

And I'm even starting to learn my lesson with protecting myself from the sun. I wore a hat. I never wear a hat.  Horse bolted and all that, but at least I'm trying.....

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